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I was injured in an auto accident 10 plus yrs.I was rear ended

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I was injured in an auto accident 10 plus yrs.I was rear ended and got whip lash.I've been treated by a chiropractor since.I now have more neck and head pain then I did 10yrs. ago.I had an MRI done and was told by my familt Dr. to see a neurosurgeon.He recommended to get steroid injections in the neck.The 1st. shot didn't help ,but the second one did,but didn't relieve allthe pain.Now my neurosurgeon ,asked me if I ever injured my neck,i said yes in an auto accident 10 yrs. ago.Now my insurance co.Aneta Medicare sent me a letter asking me if I was in an auto accident that's causing your injury,i said I have arthritis and bone spurs in my neck that's causing my pain,because of my age ,65yr.old male.Can Aneta medicare try to say that the guy who hit me ,his insurance co might be responsible,after 10 yrs. is this possible.Thank You,Charlie.

Thank you for your question.

Was Aneta your health insurance carrier 10 years ago?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


The insurance company cannot decline to give you coverage because the injury you have is someone else's fault.

I think what they are actually trying to do is say that the condition was pre-existing and therefore it is not covered by your medical insurance. You want to let your doctor know that you suspect the insurance company is doing this and ask him to document the injury as not being caused by the auto accident.

Did you receive any settlement or judgment from the auto accident which included payments for future medical care?
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