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I recently made a Visa Debit Purchase from a commercial on

Customer Question

I recently made a Visa Debit Purchase from a commercial on TV. I called the number, which was a 1-800 number and a computer operated voice machine started asking me all kinds of questions, confirming by stating yes or no and then having to spell everything out to the voice operated computer of theirs. Once done a man, I would refer to as being from India answered the phone, due to his accent. He could barely be heard or understood, so he had to repeat several statements, causing minutes to add up on my Verizon bill. I originally ordered one set of the product being sold, which was agreed to upgrade to the deluxe products. Then I increased my deluxe order to 4 orders. After giving the (Computer) audio operator my name, address, email address, phone number, and most importantly the name on my Visa Debit Card, it's debit account number, expiration date, and the security code on the back of the card by voice, the man told me to spell out each entry as I said each entry. After all the verifications where done with the voice operated computer and the man I specifically asked how much is the total of the order in which he refused to tell me. then the man started offering all kinds of other products for sale and I refused everyone of them but that didn't stop him. The next thing he said was that he was going to bill my account $19.95 a month and I had 7 days to cancel my subscription to something that the number 500 was in it, which I refused his offer from the beginning of him telling me he was going to charge my Debit Card without my permission to process the order. It's common sense you don't process a Debit Card without knowing how much the order is. I asked several times what the amount was and he wouldn't tell me. He said I had to call another phone number, starting with 1-866 to get that information. Asking one last time and being refused I told him he does NOT have my permission to place the order and process it. I just said "Thank You" and hung up, then called the1-866 number, which I did get a female operator person who asked me the exact same questions and I'm not sure at this time if I had to spell out anything. I was so frustrated from that first call, I had it hard trying to compose myself to repeat everything again but I wanted my orders. I told her that the 1-800 man would not give me the total amount of my order and that I needed to call her to get that info. She looked up my order and said that I needed to call back in 24 hours and the info would be there for her to give me. I called back yesterday and being as I still didn't know how much the order was, I asked to talk to the operators Manager. She hung the phone up. I immediately called the 1-866 number again and asked for a Manager and after this operator heard my name and looked up my account, she hung up on me too. On my 3rd try, I got a male operator, which immediately, after confirming me as who I was and me asking for a Manager, immediately got me one. It took several minutes, that seemed like an eternity, but a female Manager came on and after another Verification of who I was, I told her about my order and how hard it was for me to get to a Manger to sort this mess out. Every call I made to the operators, I told that I was not giving permission to debit my account one cent without me knowing the amount of the debit first. The Manager told me that my order had already been process for $167.50 and the Shipment was on it's was within 3-4 weeks. [That's surprising they can't stop a shipment that's to get out 3-4 weeks later from original order.] I told several of the operators and the Manager that there advertisements on the phone states that most calls will be taped so I told them to pull the tapes and review them very carefully because they will say that I did NOT authorize that order to be processed. The Manager said that once I gave up my Debit Card Number and info about myself, I had already given permission to place the order and process it. I asked what the order states it was for and she said it says I ordered 5 of the product which I know I did not. No confirmation was done with me stating what my order was and if they had permission to process my order. I knew as soon as they told me that I DID NOT have enough funds to cover the order and immediately told them to cancel the whole order and they said my order is on it's way. [By this time I was fuming and I informed them that if my order is processed without my permission that I will contact a Lawyer and Sue them.] They just kind of chuckled and ended the call right away, but before ending the call the Manager said that my Debit Card would be credited $167.50 and that should settle the issue and that they were sending me labels top put on the box when I gets to my home address to label it and send it back to them C.O.D. I was expecting that $167.50 back in my checking account within 24 hours and it was NOT in my account today. I could not make a purchases I needed made today.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  BizIPEsq. replied 4 years ago.

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TheLegalistEsq :

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