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If a contract is signed in the state of Virginia and the company

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If a contract is signed in the state of Virginia and the company that sold the service (or lack there of.. home alarms) is Utah which state should be state where the Utah alarms should try to file a lawsuit in? They breached almost 6 years ago and now trying to collect fort service never rendered. Thank you very much.

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Was there a written contract? Did the written contract state where jurisdiction would be and what the governing law would be? How was the service sold? Is the company a nationwide company, i.e. do they sell nationally? Do they only have the one office in UT? Whom is the alarm company suing and for what? Who breached the contract and how?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes there is a signed contract, signed on 7/12/07. It is suppose to be for home alarm monitoring for 3 years at the rate of 44.99 per month. Services were sold door to door by a bunch of college students. Forgive my stupidity, I signed the darn thing. Neighbor recommend these people because her aged mother had just signed up. Ma got 100 bucks for everyone she could get to signed up. Pinnacle Security only has one office in Orem Utah. Rep lied through his little teeth when he said that they were local, then the neighbor said she had checked them out. In the words of my late mother, you can go to hell for lying just the same if you were stealing. At any rate, I upgraded my phone service about a month or so after getting the alarm installed. I contacted Pinnacle & was told to disable the alarm. They would not have anyone available to fix for at lease 2 weeks to connect alarm for phone service, all college kids had left for the summer. I boxed up all of their stuff and mailed it back to them with a lengthy letter explaining why I would not be paying them any more money. Pinnacle Security now has had numerous states Attorney Generals filing suits against them for their business practices. 3 days ago, I got a letter from Lighthouse Recovery Assoc. (collection agency) demanding 3,971.53 payment. I have never spoken to these people. This is about the 6th or 7th collection agency that had tried to collect. I stopped talking to anyone in 2007. I have excellent credit and I have always paid my bills, but I will darned if they extort 1 little penny from me. If they file in the state of Virginia I will tack their rear to the wall or definitely try. Sorry this so long.

Just to clarify, they have not sued you, correct? Were you living in VA at the time the contract was signed?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That is correct. Lighthouse Recovery of Denver is demanding money or they might sue. They have only started trying to contact me within the last month. Before a different company that never had any contact other than send 1 threating letter. I checked them out, never spoke to them and then blocked them on my telephone. I love voice over ip(phone service, I use to work IT and communations). One of Pinnacle's lawyers demanded 1,585.08 in 2009. Told him to take a hike or see me in court. Never heard from him again. I have never been sued, filed bankrupty, I am not even delinquent when I paid my bills. Just a ole retired woman who is older than dirt with a lot of backbone.

It sounds like the collection agency is one that buys off old debts for pennies on the dollar and then attempts to intimidate the debtors into paying by threatening lawsuits. However, the statute of limitations in VA is 5 years for written contracts. Therefore, the time has run out for them to sue if the contract was breached in 2007. They would have to sue you in VA if that is where you lived when you signed the contract unless you agreed to a different jurisdiction when you signed the contract.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That was my thinking as well. May I ask, are you a lady or a bot? Thank you so much, Pat C.

I am 100 percent real! Although technology is quite advanced these days, I don't think it's advanced enough that a machine could respond individually to questions requiring legal knowledge!

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