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Legalinfomd, Attorney
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Dear Lawyer, I have a question about intellectual property

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Dear Lawyer,
I have a question about intellectual property law. My business partner and I have formed a technology-based company recently. I had ideas of the technology to be developed before forming the company and had written down the ideas on paper. After forming the company with my business partner, my business partner and I work together to test my idea and we got the results I expected. Now I want to file a patent of the technology, should I include my business partner as a co-author of the patent application?
I very much appreciate your help.
Greg Shen

Legalinfomd : Hello. I will respond to your question.

So, what is your answer to my question?

Legalinfomd : The initial concept is an intellectual property right that was yours and therefore belonged to you. The question is one of intent. If you intended to contribute your IP to the company for the mutual benefit of you and your partner, then the IP right would now be owned by the company. If instead you intended to retain ownership of the technology and merely allow the company to use (or license it) for purposes of developing it further and using it for profit, then you would retain ownership of the IP and the company would receive the benefit in terms of revenue to be shared with your partner.
Legalinfomd : So if your intent was to transfer ownership to the company, you would file the patent in the company name with the company as the owner. If your intent was to license it to the company, you would register the patent in your individual name.
Legalinfomd : I hope that this information is useful. Please be sure to leave a positive rating for my response so that I will be compensated for my time. Thank you and good luck with your business.

The IP will belong to the company. My question is when I write the patent application, should I include my partner's name in the patent appliction?

Legalinfomd :

Yes, since you intended that the IP be owned by you and your partner you may register the patent in both names.


What I mean is the authorship of the patent application. Sould it be the company name only or my name only or my name plus my partner's name?

Legalinfomd :

Ideally, it would be in your name only, and you would hold title for the benefit of the company (which is comprised of you and your partner).

Legalinfomd :

Thank you again. and good luck with your venture.

Legalinfomd :

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