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I have won my disability pension. If I retire and receive

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I have won my disability pension. If I retire and receive my retirement benefits will my disability pension be reduced?


Hello and welcome to I will attempt to answer your question. Generally, the answer is no. You presumably paid into your retirement plan. Your disability pension(Social Security) will not be affected if you paid into this fund. Simply put, if you paid into either, there should be no reduction. Is this satisfactory?


Hopefully, this answers your question and you will kindly rate me positively so I can be paid. Congratulations on winning your pension.


Thank you so much for the quick reply, but this was not a social security disability claim, it was a labor & industries claim for an on the job injury. Does that make a difference?


Thank you for the followup. To be sure, your pension plan document should contain the answer. As a general rule, pensions are vested benefits and you will not lose any due to work comp benefits. But that is the general rule and it may not apply in your case. You will need to see what it says about work comp, disability, or credits in the pension plan paperwork. Thank you again for your question and please remember to rate me positively.

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