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I am looking at versions of EULA end user legal agreement for

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I am looking at versions of EULA end user legal agreement for my website. Are there fairly standard? Do I need to include specific legal items to reflect the province and country of my business (some examples "EULA shall be governed by the state of Georgia..." )
I need for my website for products to be sold. Please indicate if I can use a standard agreement and how to find one reflective of Ontario Canada.

Bridgeth :

End User License Agreements and Terms of Use agreements for websites are not standard agreements and should instead be tailored for your particular site. This is especially the case if you are selling products through your website as you will need to explain to the buyer all of the terms of the sale. In this case, since you are selling products, you should be looking at Terms of Use agreements and not EULAs. You will also be collecting private personally identifiable information and therefore will need to have a sound privacy policy as well. Finally, when a person purchases a product at check out, you should ensure that they click a box saying that they have read and agree to the Terms of Use and

Bridgeth :

Privacy Policy.

Bridgeth :

Yes, you should state the governing law in the agreement as Ontario, Canada.

Bridgeth :

I would recommend that you hire an attorney to draft the Terms of Use for you. For example, the Terms of Use for will be very different than the Terms of Use for say There is no "one-size-fits-all" agreement. Please also note that these agreements are often called Terms and Conditions or User Agreements.

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