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I am currently a single member LLC. When adding a member that

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I am currently a single member LLC. When adding a member that is considered an equal partner, do I need to restructure as a partnership? In doing so does it affect the limited liability status of the business? Is there a need for a new EIN with the IRS?
Hi and Welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX will be assisting you. I am happy to help you. There is no reason for you to restructure an LLC as a partnership (although you should check with your accountant what is the best way to handle taxes: as a corporation or a partnership). Adding a member does not affect the limited liability status of the business (it actually increase the protection to you. There is no need for a new EIN (you can double check this with you accountant too). I hope this helps you, Regards, Damien
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So you're saying you're not sure and that I should ask my accountant?

Hi Chris: I am definitely sure you can maintain the LLC with adding another partner and you do not have to dissolve it and become a partnership. I am definitely sure that you maintain the limited liability and in fact limit the potential risk someone would pierce the corporate veil to go after you personally. I just want you to check with your accountant for how you want to account for distributions. Most likely you are already structured as a partnership for distribution reasons. I hope this help. Please provide a positive rating so to remove the negative rating. The negative rating reflects poorly on me when I am doing my best to help you. Thanks, Damien
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