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RESPONDER9, Attorney
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I am thinking of becoming a business broker in California.

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I am thinking of becoming a business broker in California. Does the state law require that I get a real estate broker's license or agent would suffice? Is there a link stating the eligibility/requirements clearly? I know that I need 2 years of experience to become a broker and that college degree other than real estate is no longer enough (starting Jan 1st, this year).


Hello and welcome to I will attempt to answer your question.

Customer: Do I keep waiting?

Sorry for delay. Attempting to locate your information

RESPONDER9 : will specify exact broker license requirements. Is this what you needed?


Kindly let me know.

Customer: I am not asking about real eate broker license. I wanted to know the requirements for BUSINESS brokers or business intermediaries.

No problem

RESPONDER9 : provide good information. You do need real estate licensing. Hopefully this is satisfactory?

Customer: Broker or agent?
Customer: That is the part I don't get. Can real estate agents sell, advise business opportunities? Or do I have to be a broker to do that?
RESPONDER9 : describes the various licenses. Since the business you may be dealing with could be of different natures, you really need to review all of this. For example, you may have an oil business tyou wish to handle. This requires a separate license. There is no "all-inclusive" business broker license in California. I see no requirement to be a "broker."

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