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My bank cannot trace part of the check funds that I deposited

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My bank cannot trace part of the check funds that I deposited in 2006, about $20,000 of my money is not accounted for. What can I do? Can they be audited to show me where every dime went to?
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX U.S. immigration and business attorney, and I'll be happy to assist you today.

Every bank keeps very, very comprehensive records of every transaction. Every bank will have complete records of your financial situation. You won't be able to audit them or look at their books without some sort of formal court order, but that's may not be necessary at this point.

First, I'd recommend that you go to the bank in person and talk to a bank manager about your situation. He or she will almost certainly be able to tell you for certain what happened to your funds, or simply confirm what you already know if your funds are already missing. Hopefully, this will resolve the situation.

Second, if the bank cannot trace the funds that you deposited, and it's clear that $20,000 of your money is not accounted for, then you have grounds for legal action. I'd highly recommend contacting an attorney immediately regarding this issue at this point, and he or she will help you resolve the situation. If your money is gone due to some sort of error, the bank will be liable for replacing your missing funds.

In your specific situation, I’d highly recommend that you contact a lawyer. You’re going to need a lot more help than online experts can provide. Most attorneys offer free consultations, so shop around and talk with a few about possible solutions. You’re not obligated to work with anyone you’re not comfortable with. Hopefully, however, the first approach that I suggested above should clear things up.

I hope my answer was helpful to you today. Please take a moment to rate my service, not the outcome. I depend on positive ratings to continue helping you and others, so thank you in advance!

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