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(queries into also "my''own ordeal,involving binding notary agreement etc.) read on!!!

First:how was your holiday,i pray your 2012 thanksgiving paul was a safe,happy one!


Semi-close family member,has been harm in state care.Amazingly he won a lawsuit recent,such (summary judgement was denied!)I think we discuss this when i need couple answers during such time almost 1 year ago! Well,PAUL it work,my skill in such profession lawyers,non-astutely run from paying off,we JUST heard the news last week on his win!

Also:The state assume if they go to trial they will lose i was even inform this by a young law assistant,in the attorney office,whom i become pretty close with,who live just 6 blocks from me,she inform me of this FACT.(Breach of privacy etc. confidentiality of what is discuss at the office there,i guess.but not my concern Paul.)
I am in need of more information,about a business-deal/contract oral and IN-Writing,
and need just some factual assurance here,about a oral and binding agreement...


at the time, for three years....

I help him with a suit he had file,without a lawyer.He just had file it by pro-se.

Turned out quite favorable,as your sentient(aware)Paul of my astute knowledge in this law field/paralegal 15yrs etc.(wasn't hard for me,as a writer,study law for years certified senior-level paralegal,prior learning law by working also at 12 firms prior,before we commence,our law student paralegal,resource center.

In his lawsuit,it really was not,too hard for me,to surmise,.per claim he is suing for,
and handle a draft,internet/westlaw/etc. legal research,identify,allow me to help him out,when he sue the state for damage(s) by himself,due to over 10 attorneys all obtusely,did not want to be involve.Their Loss,read on...Thank you.


We just learned of a offer(settlement)due to NJ state worker,who injure him badly, lost such right when reference to, 12 b(6) and/or a summary judgement."Were all happy i was able to help him fully pro se since he didn't have 1 attorney who was thinking he can win.

I've,and am very happy,to still help him with all of his bills,legal fee(s)from a court issue involving a drunk driving issue,(no one harm)1200 per month in rent,close to 35 months,
his food,cash here and there,to his drunk driving legal fee(s)where he was on probation at 19. Now is age he's 21.(All in excess $120G's)I had no problem helping him with all of this Paul,under;pursuant to,the signed-binding agreement he will pay me each cent back,and a percentage of his actual "if"won,his lawsuit win for the state causing harm
to him.He is still thanking me,so much for being there for him,and for looking out for him.
His case,(now you know paul)is MY own reason for entering this great field of law...
(Well,great when it works!)lol and also because my twin boys also,now teens,but he still thank me daily,even with a phone call for being there for him for 3 years now just turning 21,and signed again the notary agreement age 19...
He had landed in the foster care system.His own mother elect-a-man,and the street drug life over him age age 12,he was harm paul,(abuse physically beaten up real bad bullied,medical neglect,malnourished etc)hence;there was no way IMO i knew deep down defendants will be granted Paul,any type of "absolute NOR qualified immunity.I was ready to help him with my talent in the paralegal,and legal research field to go as far as the Supreme with this,but LOWER Federal District Court-NY did what was right;they DENIED the state defendant(one specifically)but 3 were dismissed,and all it took was 1 to be found liable/etc.Judge agreed she should have "reasonably known"she was not doing her job etc.created a"state"danger"for which would allow him to seek damages,and a jury "can conclude"the boy was badly hurt,2 years in foster care paul etc.due to not just letting him "remain"with other family members!


update as of thur afternoon:

NY State is now considering a award judgement of $400-450Grand,as he just was inform,RUSH to tell me about it at my legal advocate office,paralegal network center.

Now,the actual agreement is clear,with a full understanding,of it's actual contents.
He signed it in the presence of 2 witnesses,my niece,and daughter,as a witness and a Notary Official,secretary,Steven had signed at 19 years old,freely,voluntarily,at a Notary last summer.I just need to know is this all enforceable,he has not negate,at any time the agreement,but just need to confirm this is all enforceable correct?

Thank you very much for your astute and correct answer,

Good day now.
Wow, it is amazing that the state would offer up half a million dollars so quickly after losing summary judgment, but that tells you that you had a case they did not want to go anywhere near trial. I am on the road until tomorrow night so it may take me some time to get back to you if you reply. Congratulations on your success with this one though as you guys are doing great work against these abusive and incompetent state agencies.

I truly aim to please you as a customer, but please keep in mind that I do not know what you already know or don't know, or with what you need help, unless you tell me. Please consider that I am answering the question or question that is posed in your posting based upon my reading of your post and sometimes misunderstandings can occur. If I did not answer the question you thought you were asking, please respond with the specific question you wanted answered.
If you did not get all of the information you may have wanted PLEASE USE THE REPLY TO EXPERT LINK IF YOU HAVE FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS AND NOT THE FEEDBACK BUTTON FOR BAD SERVICE. PLEASE CLICK ON “OK,” “GOOD” or “EXCELLENT” SERVICE. Kindly remember to ONLY rate my answer when you are fully satisfied. If you feel the need to rate anything less than OK, please stop and reply to me via the or REPLY TO EXPERT button with whatever issue or clarification you may need.
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You can always request me through my profile at or beginning your question with “For PaulMJD…”
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



keep in mind(since your on the road) enjoy,yourself!


But; the bulk of this queries,is about 1. yes i help him JUST WIN summary judgement we learn last week but the "decision was handed down he verify *he did not validate/check through his account so it actually was handed own,the adjudication on the motion to dismiss like almost 11 days ago!"


When the lady who work for the attorney representing the no good ACS and NJ caseworker(s) *he sue both agencies*but only one was found liable ALL IT TOOK! out of 9. and again we are in NJ here,but he went after importantly in this matter,NY for more damage,etc.were suing for

over 2 million,but again the 400 or so grand,is going to be for his future expense,can't really work,and severely depress,so counseling is a must for lord know how long,depress from the event,that followed,when "judge"

say he sure could have remain with "could have been myself,or even my father,brother,mother"NOT foster care.(keep in mind, we are being told THE AMOUNT for 400g's is being "discuss!"they do not want to go to the trial etc.said by someone who work in the office,with atty.he do not know she is my neighbor,like 6 to 8 blocks away she told me just other night.


but anyhow!



so again:my query,as i update you is ONLY pertinent on"about the agreement i've made with him"when i commence his suit pro se,and took

care of him financially for years.(3)read it over when your able then let me know as i am sure it is a binding agreement,thank you.(to pay me back)

etc. just read it over when you have a chance again he sign a notary public agreement to re-imburse etc pay me for ALL 3 years expense totaling like almost 120g. just wanted to make sure the signature by him to do si,and oral agreement is enforceable not that he has negate the agreement to do so.


so happy

from heather-marie


Yes the agreement signed by him is valid for the actual work you did for him on the matter. However, you have to be careful that these are not considered legal fees which you cannot charge. You can charge for research and writing services and reimbursement of all of your costs and expenses and any money you advanced to him. If he signed this agreement then he would be bound to that contract.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

paul first i ask a query for today PLEASE see it so i can LOCK the family lawsuit private info(the links in the other query thank you)


and before i accept answer for this one so your paid:


yes,lol i know about no legal fee(s)were collected,or will be from him.

just my superb writing skills,as a certified paralegal,and legal studies 15yrs.


so yes it is clearly implied about how i help him with entire suit pro-se self file,etc. his household bills,read on;


but i think your saying not to charge for this no.I said steven is my blood-kin,my family member. as a writer,and paralegal by trade,was easy for me to help him,when HE ask me for the research help,encompassing alot of typesetting,

micro-format, he is pro se. not a lawyer,naturally but a highly skilled as you know paralegal and happy about that,so i was able to help him 100%,but my close family member steven again had no attorney to help him.I do not write give me legal fees no. He agreed,if i help him again PAUL with:

1.3 YEARS OF RENT FEES (36,000 if you figure rent 1200 a month

and UTILITIES. he will reimburse me (that is the WRITTEN NOTARY deal there .


2.Food,necessities,help him on his feet,as i did at eighteen years old when rest of his family on his mom side fail to.just was not there for him.


3.Legal fee(s)THAT I KINDLY paul advance him for accident.drunk driving from "depression"etc. OF WHAT HE IS ABOUT To get a nice settlement for,from foster care placement,then abuse sexually/physically.


so again,this total(120s)altogether,and naturally it was i,who yep got him where he is now with yep his win,so yes this is not legal fees owed from my family member,but monies i advance for HIS DEFENSE to keep him out prison,and it work,as all other things mention over a long three years,financially 120gs...


No, I just said do not charge for legal fees. You can charge for your time writing and preparing documents or his case and any of the actual research time, etc.

Yes, rent is fine, so is food and so is repayment to you for money you advanced him for any legal fees he paid to an attorney. You can charge for all of those things.

I will have it locked or you can report it to customer service to have it locked when we are done.
Law Educator, Esq. and other Business Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



and the query for today THAT one i need u to RUSH TO DOWNLOAD,no rush i know your busy as i am just kow i am here till around 5 and again just download both the"atty response"to the suit involving what i expound last week and today on res judicata, and referencing how "since mom sued she can't but yet again was not ever decided on a brutal rape(read more in other thread,but PLEASE rush to download,both in pdf format,i will then LOCK the media fire for the person privacy naturally,thank you i ACCEPT!


will keep u posted on my cuz lawsuit here,thank U SO MUCH.




I just responded to you on that one, I will be back online about 7PM as I am waiting to board a plane in about an hour and then I will download them and let you know. Thank you.