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Attorney Arcadier
Attorney Arcadier, Attorney
Category: Business Law
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"I wanna open up a Dental office in the location where the

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"I wanna open up a Dental office in the location where the previous office was shut down by the FBI due to fraud.
What are the things, I should be loo..

Attorney Arcadier : New lease, new company with a new partner that can serve as an incorporator.

What are the things I should be concerned about.


They were asking about the rent but can they ask for deposit too? as the company was shut down and has no patient base

Attorney Arcadier : That they will shut you down again with the presumption that is same company just different name.
Attorney Arcadier : Landlord can ask for whatever he wants you are free to accept or not accept.

If the company A has lease for 10 yrs and was shut down by FBI, can they still sublease the business or I have to deal with the landlord


i mean whom i should be dealing with... landlord or the lease holder that was shut down by the FBI

Attorney Arcadier : The landlord. The prior lease is now void due to criminal activity.
Attorney Arcadier : No. Lease is terminated when property is used for criminal activity.

& how can I determine who is the landlord, is there a way i can look


If the lease holder and the landlord was same, then can I still run the same business there?

Attorney Arcadier : Landlord is the property owner. You find the property owner by going to the government property appraiser for your city.
Attorney Arcadier : Yes... with the consent of landlord or the administrator of landlord if landlord is in jail.

The lease for a the business will be just like opening up the same business anywhere


it doesn't matter whether it was shut down or not

Attorney Arcadier : Yes. Lease is void after criminal activity.
Attorney Arcadier : You need a new lease with the landlord.

but is the landlord is considered fraud?

Attorney Arcadier : only if it was his business.
Attorney Arcadier : You are wrong. the prior lease is void.

so can I deal with the fraud landlord?

Attorney Arcadier : yes. that has no problems.


Attorney Arcadier : You are welcome. Best wishes.
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