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I have a kitchen project in my home. I hired a guy who gave

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I have a kitchen project in my home. I hired a guy who gave me an estimate then asked to be paid by the hour. When it was obvious he was dragging the project out and wasting time. I balked. There are some glaring mistakes that I will have to get fixed. The project is incomplete and when I asked him to prepare a bill he only gave me hours worked for his crew. There is no contract for the work. I feel I should not pay him for all the hours they racked up socializing and hanging out on my dime. I would like to pay him what's normal and customary for the work completed correctly then dock him for damage. I am getting estimates from other contractors now.

Hi and welcome,


You are correct. I suggest that you total what you think he should be paid under all the circumstances including the cost to complete the job. Come to a figure and DO NOT NEGOTIATE. And tell him it is non negotiable. Send him a letter certified mail RRR with the info. Add that if he won't accept the figure, he is welcome to sue you in small claims court.


NOTE: the maximum you can sue for in OHIO small claims is $3,000. If your damages are more than that, you will have to go to a higher court and get a lawyer. Analysis: It may be better to take the 3K than hire a lawyer to get more but have to pay him a fee.




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