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Today is the due date to file statement of information for

Customer Question

Today is the due date to file statement of information for non-profit corporation. Can I file on line and pay filing fee on line?what is the common interest development act?
My non-profit only have a office and not build any building yet. Do I need to check the item? If I need a copy of certified Statement of information to apply city licence, what should I
do when I do efile myself?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 4 years ago.

Attorney2020 :


Attorney2020 :

Yes, you can file the statement online and pay the fee.

Attorney2020 :

Common Interest Development Act is a piece of legislature that was enacted to implement Homeowners' Associations for developers. If your non-profit only has an office, do not check that you own real estate on the statement of information.

Attorney2020 :

Lastly, once you e-file, you can obtain a copy by using the Business Entities Records Form on the Secretary of State website.

Attorney2020 :

I hope this helps.

Attorney2020 :

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