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nEED HELP on Political, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Business.Please

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nEED HELP on Political, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Business.Please see below.
1. You are hired to mow a lawn on Saturday. Being busy, you hire your brother to do the job for you and get paid for it. This is:
a. assignment
b. delegation
c. repudiation
d. beneficiary
e. none of the other choices

2. The code that was designed to promote uniformity of the laws relating to commercial sales of goods is known as:
a. the Ultimate Commercial Code
b. the Universal Commercial Code
c. the Commercial Code of the United States of America
d. the Commercial Code
e. none of the other choices are correct

3. Which of the following is usually not a requirement for a contract to be valid?
a. offer and acceptance
b. equal value in exchange
c. contractual capacity
d. purpose of contract must be legal
e. all of the other choices are required

4. __________ means that the contract basically has been fulfilled and payments must be made.
a. Serious performance
b. Final performance
c. Substantial performance
d. Material fulfillment
e. Good faith

5. If the parties to a sale under the UCC do not specify when the title to the goods passes, then, assuming the goods did not have to be moved, title passes to the buyer when:
a. the seller delivers the title documents
b. the seller recognizes “payment in full”
c. the buyer inspects the goods
d. the buyer makes “substantial” payment
e. any of the other choices

6. If the buyer relies on the seller’s skill or judgment to select the goods for that purpose, a(n) ______________ that the goods are suited for that purpose is created.
a. explicit warranty
b. implied warranty
c. extra warranty
d. express warranty
e. none of the other choices are correct

7. Brandon files for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy on behalf of his company, Brandon’s B-B-Q. The company is allowed to continue its operations. During this period Brandon is:
a. the debtor in possession
b. the guarantor in extremis
c. a trustee
d. a and b
e. a and c

8. Which of the following torts protect individuals from harm from the unintentional but legally careless conduct of others:
a. strict liability
b. hazardous liability
c. nuisance
d. negligence
e. all of the other choices

9. The reasonable person standard compares the actions of the wrongdoer/tortfeasor with those of a hypothetical person known as the reasonable person. The standard of care that the law presumes the reasonable person meets is:
a. ordinary care or due care
b. extraordinary care
c. minimal care
d. the law presumes no particular standard of care; each case is evaluated individually
e. none of the above

10. Contact that does not cause actual physical harm, but offends a reasonable person’s sense of dignity could be a tort of:
a. negligence
b. fraud
c. malicious prosecution
d. battery
e. assault

11. Harassing telephone calls may be the basis for a tort case of:
a. false imprisonment
b. battery
c. negligence
d. harmful contact
e. invasion of privacy

12. Absolute, conditional and constitutional privileges are all:
a. defenses to an action of false imprisonment
b. defenses to an action of battery
c. defenses to an action of invasion of privacy
d. defenses to an action of defamation
e. none of the other choices

13. Dee, a debt collector, calls old Mr. Thompson ten times a day about his debts. She calls him names and threatens to have him beat up. This causes him severe anxiety attacks each time they speak. Dee may be best sued for:
a. defamation
b. battery
c. fraud
d. infliction of emotional distress
e. nothing since Thompson owed the money

14. Meddling with another’s business in an unreasonable and improper manner to improve one’s own place in the market it an example of the tort of:
a. interference with prospective advantage
b. interference with competition
c. interference with business practices
d. interference with intent
e. none of the other choices

15. Under the strict liability doctrine, the focus is on the ______________, rather than the reasonableness of the conduct of the manufacturer.
a. problems with the product
b. problems with advertising
c. problems with the assembly line workers
d. problems with the manufacturing process
e. none of the other choices are correct

16. A(n) _____________ warranty is one the law may insert regardless of actual contract terms.
a. implied
b. valid
c. explicit
d. rapid
e. none of the other choices are correct

17. An affirmation of fact or promise made by a seller to a buyer that relates to the goods and becomes part of the basis of the bargain creates a (an):
a. express warranty
b. implied warranty
c. product warranty
d. caveat emptor
e. none of the other choices

18. To minimize the likelihood of being liable for failure to warn manufacturers must:
a. warn of possible dangers in use of a product
b. warn of possible dangers in the storage of a product
c. warn of possible dangers in the handling of a product
d. all of the other specific choices are correct
e. none of the other s

Kathie Russell :

1 - A

Kathie Russell :

2 - e

Kathie Russell :

3 - b

Kathie Russell :

4 - c

Kathie Russell :

5 - a

Kathie Russell :

6 - b

Kathie Russell :

7 - a

Kathie Russell :

8 - d

Kathie Russell :

9 - a

Kathie Russell :

10 - e

Kathie Russell :

11 - e

Kathie Russell :

12 - not sure, i'll answer last

Kathie Russell :

13 - d

Kathie Russell :

14 - a

Kathie Russell :

15 - a

Kathie Russell :

16 - a

Kathie Russell :

17 - a

Kathie Russell :

18 - d

Kathie Russell :

12 is d


Hello there

what about #19,20





  1. Gray worked for AT&T. She was accused of falsifying records to create an excuse for her absences and was fired. AT&T managers discussed this matter with a company that handled its unemployment benefits claims, as she filed for benefits. Gray contended the discussion was defamatory and sued AT&T. The court would be likely to hold that Gray had:

a. no claim; the discussion was in the ordinary course of business

b. no claim because federal legislation allows employers to discuss such work-related matters

c. no claim because all states have statutes that provide protection for employers against such suits, as does the law in most states

d. a claim because the accusation was not shown to be correct and injured her ability to obtain further employment

e. none of the other choices


  1. One day while Phil is out shopping, George searches Phil’s home for evidence he could use to blackmail Phil. George finds nothing, causes no damage, and puts everything back in order before he leaves. George could most likely be sued for:

a. assault

b. false imprisonment

c. private nuisance

d. disparagement

e. invasion of privacy



I have posted now #19,20 see above


Hello Kathie,

SAre you there



Kathie see the two questions posted above


Kathie Russell :

OK, these were not posted the first time.



When i copied and paste, it did not copy

Kathie Russell :

the first one is b

Kathie Russell :

the second one is e

Kathie Russell :

No problem. Is that all of them?



Thats all. Thnaks for your help. I will accept your answers.

Kathie Russell :

You're welcome. It has been my pleasure.

kattorney and other Business Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Where is the accept button?It says accept where

It's done, thanks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The Case

The City of Mt. Kisco is buying houses in order to clear land for a major commercial development to be owned and operated by a private company. This project will generate huge amounts of tax revenue for the city. The last house in the development area is owned by Betty and Billy Loaners who own the house together. The City has offered to buy the house from the Loaners but they have refused to sell so the City has exercised its right of eminent domain. After this offer, Betty has decided to sell but Billy still refuses.

Two questions arise from these facts:

  1. Can the City exercise its right of eminent domain? Why can it for a private development?

  2. If Betty wants to sell and Billy does not, can Betty sell the house anyway? Why?

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