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Hi, Thanks again for all the help. We had to work at it,

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Thanks again for all the help. We had to work at it, but we were able to get a list of candidates that had returned their candidacy intent letters by the 10/1 deadline set by the management company. We have a lot of pretty strong evidence that indicates that some of the current board members are in bed with the management company and are working together to rig rhe election. We believe the management company never intended to send out proxy ballots for homeowners that can't make the election meeting.

We have used last year's proxy ballot as a model and made a proxy ballot that we'd like to canvass the neighborhood with. I'd appreciate it if you would look it over and tell us what you think.

I question if it is OK for us to create our own proxy. My understanding is that the proxy is between two homeowners and therefor does not have to be blessed by the Board??

I didn't see this before I saw the proxy. It is well drafted and I see no reason why it would need the blessing of the Board. If it were for an annual meeting of a listed corporation, that rule might be different, but for your purposes, I'm pretty sure that a court would find it valid. Good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK...thanks for the review of the Proxy. What do you mean when you say if it were for a "listed corporation" Are you sure HOA's aren't listed corporations?



No I meant Fortune 500 companies , i.e. major corporations that are publically held. .
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