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Hello, I am a seller (printing supplies such as ink cartridges)

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I am a seller (printing supplies such as ink cartridges) at Amazon and got the following online feedback from a customer:

"Stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Far away from GENER INKS.
This company has lousy ink.
Ink colors where missing from cartridges.
Just Stay Far Away,don't waste your Time. "

This is something that anyone who is on Amazon can see and can potentially harm my business. (if it hasn't already) Is there anything I can do about it?

FYI, this remark was left after the customer was credited in full for his order and also received additional compensation from us on top of that.

Thank you.
The law allows people to give their opinions and so there is nothing that you can do legally. If the review violated Amazon's policy, you would be able to contact Amazon about that or if Amazon allows you to reply, you can reply. However, opinions are protected by the law.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you and if you still need clarification, please read on below.

Kindly take into account that I do not make the laws and so please do not shoot the messenger if you are unhappy with the law not being on your side since I do not have the power to make the laws or change them. What I can do though is help you to understand the laws.

Please let me know if this has answered your question. If you need clarification, please do not select a rating yet. Instead, click the Reply or Continue Conversation button. If, however, I have fully answered your question, please remember to rate me a 3 or higher so that I may be compensated for the time it takes to respond to your questions. That is the only way that we experts get paid since we do not get paid by the site. Keep in mind that you are rating my service and not the website and that the site prohibits us from giving legal advice or opinions on your specific circumstances. We can only provide general legal information.

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