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Is there a way to set up a non profit in Texas where the identities

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Is there a way to set up a non profit in Texas where the identities of officers and board members can be protected, anonymous? I ask this question because of concerns about harassment of the people involved.

Attorney Arcadier : Disclosed must be at least one person who is incorporater and will initially hold all positions and be only director. Then, you appoint the proper officers and initial directors internally and keep that u registered. For a 501c however, the irs will ask for the names of all direcotrs, but will not publicize it.

So, you are saying that only one person has to be registered with the state and that officers and directors are un registered. What is a 501c? Are there different types of non profits that I should familiarize myself with before taking this step?

Attorney Arcadier :

Yes. Only one initial officer and director need to be registered. Then all others can be appointed internally without disclosure.


501c is the real not for profit designation given by the irs to not-for-profit companies that meet many criterias. You can call yourself a not for profit easily, but 501c is an entailing process. 501c permits donors to deduct their donations from their taxes. 501cs are awarded by the irs regardless of what State you incorporate in.


How do I decide what designation is best for what I need to do?




Are there other designations, I might need to consider?

Attorney Arcadier :

There are profits and non profits that you can create with the state. 501c is a special designation given by IRS after you have become a not for profit in your state. If you need donor deductions to be given tax write-offs, then 501c is the only way to do it.




Thank you.

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