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what does this mean?AC Buy (date) 271 1,000.ooooDA Sell

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what does this mean? AC Buy (date) 271 1,000.oooo DA Sell (date) 271 1,000.oooo units disposed 1000.0000 Is UNG just stock?

what is the title FBO stand for when it preceeds a name then "roth ira"?

Hello Pam. Thanks for bringing your question to Pearl- Just Answer: You don't say where you saw this language, but I suspect it is on a statement of a brokerage or bank which is managing the IRA. FBO means "For the Benefit Of" the name following is the owner of the Roth IRA account. I can't be 100% certain, but it appears to be the buy and sell entry of a number (271) of some kind of $1000 bonds or debentures. I don't know what UNG means, it could refer to the issuer of the bond. More specific information should be obtained from whoever issued the statement. I hope this is helpful.

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Pam. Thanks for the positive rating. UNG might refer to the stock trading symbol for United States Natural Gas =
Irwin Law and other Business Law Specialists are ready to help you