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What is the appropriate Excel calculation to figure share ownership--w

Customer Question

What is the appropriate Excel calculation to figure share ownership--when there are diluted AND non-diluted shares of stock?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Richard - Bizlaw replied 4 years ago.

bizlaw :

What do you mean by non-diluted shares? Does this mean that certain shareholders' percentage interest in the company does ot change as additional shares are issued by the corporation?

JACUSTOMER-r98rrfsj- :

Yes. You are correct.

bizlaw :

I can tell you how to do it but I need to know how many shares are outstanding and how many shares are being issued by the company. Also, are the new shareholders just getting a specified number of shares or a specified percentage interest in the company?

JACUSTOMER-r98rrfsj- :

So sorry for the delay, but I was out of the office for a few days. To answer your question to me:

Currently, the company has issued 1,000 units (it's an LLC). Only one investor has an undiluted position--he will be purchasing up to 15% of the company in installments. So going forward, here's the scenario:


Investor 1: 50% diluted position

Investor 2: 25% diluted position

Investor 3: 15% diluted position

Investor 4: 10% Undiluted position


What is the Excel calculation, if Investor 4 purchases at additional 2%...then a 12% Undiluted Postion, how do I derive the other percentages?

JACUSTOMER-r98rrfsj- :

I haven't received a completed answer yet.