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I sent a wire for $5,000 to a personal account in Houston Tx.

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I sent a wire for $5,000 to a personal account in Houston Tx. on July 13th. Chase bank confiscated the wire, did not send it through and is not returning my money to me after numerous attempts made by me on the phone and in the local branch. They also closed my account here so the money cannot be wired back it must be sent in the form of a check. Today, the representative in the Wire Research Dept. told me they already sent the check on August 8th, which they did not. I've spoken to them twice since then and each time they say I'll get the check in 10 days. What can I do to get this money back?

At this point, your only legal option is to sue Chase Bank in small claims court and hope that gets their attention. Sometimes it is more effective to just have a lawyer send a letter on your behalf threatening to sue them. You can usually hire a lawyer to do this for $100 or so, which may be a worth investment at this point.


The downside to suing them is that it may delay you actually getting paid. They may have a process wherein they won't pay at all until ordered after you sue. This is speculation, but it is possible. In any event, this is your only option legally.

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