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I had over $32,000 in medical bills doe to an auto accident,

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I had over $32,000 in medical bills doe to an auto accident, they were only insured to $25,000, I thought that they had to pay all the medical bills the insurance company is says they only have to pay the $25,000

Good morning granny: You are correct that the party at fault must pay all of your damages; however their insurance company only has to pay up to the limits of its policy, which unfortunately is only $25,000. The rest will have to be collected from the other person. There is such a thing as "Underinsured Motorist" coverage which a person can buy as part of their own auto insurance coverage. If you have that coverage, that should pick up the balance of your claim. Check with your insurance agent, and if you have it, contact an attorney who will take the case just for a percentage (usually 1/3 of the settlement over & above $25k. No retainer fee should be necessary.

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