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Attorney Arcadier
Attorney Arcadier, Attorney
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I am starting a little business it is just a very small space

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I am starting a little business it is just a very small space in which I can have some books on display.12-9 wall space right in the mall. I am happy with that. the lady who has the lease will sub lease me the small space. what should I be looking for in the way of legals to protect myself?

2ndly. I am also going to advertise for ditributors around NZ as there are no business in NZ offering this type of self help spiritual path, and everyone is into it.The leagals as mostly the products are books CD's and training seminars. What legals do I need to protect myself from the business that I distribute to, and so that they do not use my wholesalers and go off on a tangent of their own? legal protection for myself?

Attorney Arcadier : First, you need to protect yourself by having a specific duration for the sublease. Also, you need to have a non compete agreent to prevent the leasor from takng your business. To mae tese contracts tae about two hours of attorney time to do.
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