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I have a incorporated business in Ca. and Ii am behind in paying

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I have a incorporated business in Ca. and Ii am behind in paying my BOE taxes - they want me to make a formal agreement to pay which is ok (I have been making payments) but not on a regular basis which is ofcourse what they want sop they put a levy on my bank account last week. They have sent me an individual financial statement which they are demanding that I return. My question is how much information am I required to give them.They want all my personal info including my landlords name and address, my personal credit card info all my personal monthly expenses including how much i spend on my personal care products and services - I thought being incorporaated protected me from giving out all this info


Thank you so much for this opportunity to try and be of service to you today.

Wisdom...compassion..empathy. These are more than words for me. They are my promise to you.

I am a licensed attorney and will do my best to provide you an honest and accurate answer to your important legal question.

QUESTION: "My question is how much information am I required to give them."

ANSWER: First of all, please allow me to take a moment and say that I am genuinely sorry for all you have been through with this ordeal. I mean every word of that, and I deeply regret the obvious serious obstacles occasioned by this situation. Accordingly, it brings me zero pleasure to share the following information with you. Here is how this works. Incorporating, when initially established and maintained properly, does afford certain protections often called the "corporate veil". However, there are ways of "piercing" this veil, and failing to maintain current taxation filings and payments lets the government do just what you have described. Incorporating is not a natural right. Rather, it is a privilege granted by the state. Accordingly, the state is free to impose restrictions and conditions. The botXXXXX XXXXXne reality is that absolutely nothing prevents this agency from requiring the personal financial disclosures you have described. It is common place and entirely lawful. And that is the case not only with the government -- i.e. try applying for a corporate credit card of line of credit and it is amazing how much they delve into personal matters. The final call is yours and yours alone to make. But, if you want to the agency to work with you, you are required to make the required disclosures. I would love to say otherwise, but I just respect you too much to do you the disservice of misleading you or providing false information, even when the means being the bearer of entirely correct although admittedly discouraging news. Neither you or I made this law, and very often I personally disagree with it, but nevertheless that is the truthful reality.

I truly hope all works out for you.

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