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INTERNET BUSINESS LAW: I have a question about partnerships

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INTERNET BUSINESS LAW: I have a question about partnerships and dual accounts working together on workforce sites on the internet. I am on Freelance sites like Elancer, Freelancer, Guru, Getacoder, Getaprogrammer, Scriptlancer, Odesk, and many others. I was wondering about the validity of working across multiple accounts on these sites. Say like if you had a graphic design studio and had many members in it and you wanted to set up multiple accounts since they only allow one account per person usually and you wanted a bigger presence on the site to apply for more jobs, can you and you associates set up multiple accounts on the same website with different bank accounts on each one and have it in contract that it goes to one central bank account? Then further say you had a writing studio but were a single person, could you put into contract or hire 3rd party entities as business partners that you give them the money to set up the account and you can use their separate accounts under one studio halo and they are in contractual agreement to let you use the website interface and the funds that are deposited into their solely owned bank account attached to that site instance are legally bound under a consensual business agreement to be transferred back to me the initiator of the agreement? How would this work in legal and monetary transfer framework? i would assume that the precursor situation is doable where you have members of your team in your studio setting up multiple accounts on the site and it goes to a central location, but the other idea of hiring 3rd parties as partners is mere conjecture for me right now. Also could I offer them a commission based model where in turn for letting
me use their account I can them a fixed percentage on all of the work revenue collected through that module and they just earned a passive income for free? Then as a final related question, some sites like offer you credits such as bids or more points for each referral of a person you get to sign up for the site. You can refer anybody you know to this I believe such as from your social network. To take a small hop in logic, could you offer incentive for people to sign up to these sites like pay a small price for their signing up or offer a product or some valuable compensation for their action? Could you post an ad calling for sign up participators and offer them an ebook or a music cd, or some content. What about crowd source sites like MTURK or CrowdFlower, could you offer micropayments for as currency for signups? Thanks for your expert acumen on this matter.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes that would be wonderful. Please forward to any qualified experts. Cya!
Sometimes, finding the right Expert can take a little longer than expected and we thank you greatly for your understanding. We’ll be in touch again shortly.
If you are asking if partners of one company can each sign up for a personal or individual account to get more business, this would violate the terms of those agreements and if the sites discovered this they could close down all of the accounts and ban each user from the site. However, you could enter into a "joint venture" type agreement with each of your partners to where each parter would be their own separate entity and have a written contract with them that states they will contribute a percentage of earnings to the main bank account to share the profits from the jobs they get or that they contribute all of their earnings to the main account for all parties working together on any project (if that is your intent to collaborate on jobs that you bid).

If you are suggesting having others sign up for accounts for you to use and then paying them a percentage for allowing you to use their accounts so that you could increase your exposure and get more bids under multiple accounts, this would be something these sites would likely consider a violation of their terms of service.

The types of compensation systems you suggest would also likely be deemed to violate the policies if you are doing this to circumvent the rules of these sites. However, to be certain it would require a local business law attorney to actually review each of the site's policies and make a final determination as to whether or not the set up you propose could be modified in some way to place you within the terms and conditions of those sites.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Cool. can you recommend any online attorneys that may do an initial consultation for free on the venture partnership matter. Or how hard is to find a pro bono lawyer in this area? id have to call tons up I imagine to even garner any interest Lolz. Thanks!
I am afraid that this is not something that can really be done with you over the internet as the attorneys need to actually see your ideas to know which way to best craft your business plan for you to stay out of trouble This, unfortunately, is NOT something attorneys do pro bono and you are going to have to actually pay their hourly rate to do this for you. You can find a local business attorney at
Law Educator, Esq., Attorney
Category: Business Law
Satisfied Customers: 118728
Experience: All corporate law, including non-profits and charitable fraternal organizations.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thats great. Well Ill look into. It may be more trouble than its worth to hire some expensive attorney initially. that might offset and negate the preliminary profits that could be made from the start unless it grew into a larger project. but thanks for your insight. ANSWER ACCEPTED!
Depending on the income you expect to realize, it may or may not be worth the need to hire an attorney. You have to weigh the economics of the situation.