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If I have a company offshore with US Operations as well, but

Customer Question

If I have a company offshore with US Operations as well, but am looking for a couple investors in a private NZ Ltd., Do I need to file with the SEC under 504 reg d. considering the amount is relatively small and only 1-2 investors are needed. I have a Heads of Agreement in place which is binding in NZ, but do I need any other Contracts ie. investor suitability to faciliate the investment?

Thank you
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  BartEsq replied 5 years ago.

bart0358 :

Hello, Im researching your answer now.

bart0358 :

Where is your company organized? What type of operations do you have in the U.S.?

Customer :

In the US, it is under another name for other bioscience research. Primarily, the interests are fully held in NZ although the CEO and CS have labs at universities and treat boutique thoughout the US.

bart0358 :

And you are soliciting investors for the U.S. organized comapny?

bart0358 :


bart0358 :

Its not clear yet whether you are looking for invetment fund for a NZ compnay or a U.S. compnay.