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Frida hires Gert, a real estate broker, to act as her agent

Resolved Question:

Frida hires Gert, a real estate broker, to act as her agent to sell her house. The house burns down before being sold. The agency agreement is likely
Choose one answer.
a. still in force if Frida gives Gert additional consideration.
b. still in force if Gert does not tell prospective customers.
c. terminated by mutual consent of the parties.
d. terminated by operation of law.

Big N Quik, a fast-food restaurant, hires workers of a variety of ages. This employer cannot schedule, for overtime work,
Choose one answer.
a. children over sixteen years of age.
b. children under sixteen years of age.
c. adults over sixty-five years of age.
d. all of the choices.
Question 15
Marks: 2
Cash is an employee of Drowsy Resort, Inc., covered by federal overtime provisions, which apply only after an employee has worked more than
Choose one answer.
a. eight hours in a day.
b. forty hours in a week.
c. 160 hours in a month.
d. one year for the same employer.
s an employee for Eagle Products Corporation. Eagle begins to electronically monitor its employees e-mail. If Dave resists this policy, he may bring an action under
Choose one answer.
a. state tort law only.
b. the Electronics Communications Privacy Act only.
c. state tort law or the Electronics Communications Privacy Act.
d. none of the choices.

Emma, Frick, Glenda, and Huey are employees of different-sized employers in different industries. A minimum wage must be paid to employees in
Choose one answer.
a. all industries.
b. covered industries only.
c. no industries.
d. small-business industries only.

First National Bank may subject its employees to lie-detector tests when investigating
Choose one answer.
a. health and medical conditions.
b. losses attributable to theft.
c. prior work history.
d. suspected drug use.

Frida is an employee of Green Recycled Products Company. A state statute protects Frida from Greens retaliation if Frida reports to state officials, or others, that Green is involved in unsafe or illegal activity. With respect to the employment-at-will doctrine, this is
Choose one answer.
a. an example of the doctrine.
b. an exception based on contract theory.
c. an exception based on public policy.
d. an exception based on tort theory.

Fact Pattern 28-1
Lita replaces Manny in his job at Neighborly Business Corporation (NBC).
Refer to Fact Pattern 28-1. To succeed with an age-discrimination claim against CBC, Manny will have to show that
Choose one answer.
a. Lita is not qualified for Mannys job.
b. Manny is qualified for his job.
c. NBCs qualifications for Mannys job are too high.
d. no one could do Mannys job as well as he could.
Fact Pattern 28-2
Beth, who has a disability, is an employee of Corporate Office Company (COC). After the installation of new doors on COCs building, Beth finds it nearly impossible to get in and out. For repeatedly failing to be on time, COC replaces Beth with Dian, who does not have a disability.
Refer to Fact Pattern 28-2. To successfully defend against Beths claim, COC will have to show that
Choose one answer.
a. Beth consistently failed to meet the essential requirements of her job.
b. COC cannot make changes to the doors without undue hardship.
c. Dian is qualified for Beths position.
d. the doors were not installed as an act of intentional discrimination.

Clerical Workers Union represents the employees of Miracle Medical Research Company. The management of the firm refuses to bargain with the union over the hiring of unnecessary workers. This violates
Choose one answer.
a. federal labor law.
b. state right-to-work laws.
c. federal employment discrimination law.
d. no federal or state law.

Dag is an employee of Ridge Mining Company. Under federal labor law, Dag and other employees have the right to
Choose one answer.
a. negotiate collectively with Ridge over employment conditions.
b. insist that Ridge require union membership as a condition of work.
c. interfere with the efforts of others to form labor organizations.
d. refuse to bargain with Ridge through their representatives.
Detroit Automotive Company (DAC) agrees with its employees union not to buy any nonunion-produced component parts from other firms for use in DAC products. This is
Choose one answer.
a. a permissible secondary boycott.
b. a prohibited secondary boycott.
c. a technically legal secondary boycott.
d. a unilateral one-party boycott.
During a union election campaign, Autowerks Repair, Inc., prohibits on-site solicitations by any party, including Mechanics Union, which is seeking the workers unionization. This violates
Choose one answer.
a. federal labor law.
b. federal elections law.
c. federal employment discrimination law.
d. no federal law.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  kattorney replied 5 years ago.

1 d

2 b

3 b

4 d

5 b

6 b

7 c

8 a

9 b

10 d

11 d

12 d

11 a



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