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Where can I get a copy of a mortgage? and are the articles

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Where can I get a copy of a mortgage? and are the articles the operating agreement of the LLC

Kathie Russell :

I sent you a form to use for a mortgage before, when I sent the promissory note. I will attach it again just in case you can't find it. The articles are not the operating agreement. They are the articles of organization that you must file to set up an LLC, as I assume you did with your other LLC? You should be able to find them online at the Pennsylvania secretary of state, corporations division.

Attachment: 2012-04-05_131951_3039-pennsylvaniamortgage.doc

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Here are the forms for the nonprofit corporation and the articles of organization for the LLC

Attachment: 2012-04-05_133142_pa_nonprofit_corporation.pdf

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
but do I need to do it as a corporation or can I do it as an LLC?
Some states allow the formation of nonprofit LLC's and some do not. I don't know about Pennsylvania, which is why I suggested that you might want to call the PA Secretary of State and find out if they do or do not. HOWEVER, I just researched the IRS regs for you, and found out that, even if you can form a nonprofit LLC in PA, the IRS will not grant nonprofit status unless all owners of the LLC are nonprofit organizations.

The next question is, do you need to have exempt status from the IRS? The answer is: if you want people who make donations to your nonprofit to be able to deduct them from their taxes, you need to have the IRS exemption as a charitable nonprofit. If you don't care about the donations being tax deductible, you simply need to be formed as a nonprofit entity in your state and you don't need to file for the IRS exemption.

I am guessing you want your donors to be able to deduct their contributions on their tax returns - if so, will need to form a nonprofit corporation instead of an LLC. If you do not care about that, you don't need the IRS exemption, so it won't matter and you can go with the nonprofit LLC (if PA allows them).
kattorney and other Business Law Specialists are ready to help you