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I have problem with university of michigan i have been in the

Customer Question

I have problem with university of michigan i have been in the united states about 2 year i came as a refugee so i applied to the university of Michigan last fall semester but when i applied i didnt had green card so they considered me as international student so i paid double and i applied for the residency form to a prove my residency but they didnt. after that i received my green card and I provide it to the university for this semester to get the residency for this semester and i applied for the residency application again but i recieved the same thing and before i recieved their response i made an appoinement with the office of residency in ann arbor they said to me because your father is living out side of the united states you'll be not eligible for residency and even he'll come to the united states, he has to work for couple years and after that we'll see. and i received their response last month and they refused i am 28 years old and i am independent so for now i can apply for appeal form so i want someone to write the appeal for me
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Richard - Bizlaw replied 5 years ago.

bizlaw :

This site does not take on representation so no one can write your appeal for you. If you have a particular question I can help with that. Do you have an independent source of income, do you have a Michigan Drivers License - on what basis did you claim you were independent.