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10. The principal duty of a trustee is to liquidate a debtors

Resolved Question:

10. The principal duty of a trustee is to liquidate a debtor's estate and distribute the money as quickly as possible. (Points : 2)

11. A discharge in bankruptcy will prevent a debtor from ever obtaining another discharge in bankruptcy. (Points : 2)

12. Individuals and corporations, but not partnerships, may be reorganized under the Bankruptcy Reform Act. (Points : 2)

13. A business formula, information compilation, or device that provides an advantage over competitors that do not have it is known as a (Points : 2)
competitive advantage.
strategic advantage.
trade secret.
restraint of trade.

14. Three types of patents available under U.S. law are (Points : 2)
utility, product, design.
design, packaging, invention.
design, plant, utility.
utility, regulatory, common law.

15. An agent's duty of loyalty to the principal is breached by (Points : 2)
the agent accepting a secret gift from a third person in connection with the agency.
the agent acting as agent for both parties to a transaction without disclosure.
the agent aiding a principal's competitors.
all of the above
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  lwpat replied 5 years ago.



competitive advantage

design, plant, utility.

all of the above
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