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Raisa Romaelle, Esq.
Raisa Romaelle, Esq., Attorney
Category: Business Law
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Experience:  Florida licensed attorney and former business owner, providing you with answers and insight in plain english.
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I am working to setting up virtual office (VO) business in

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I am working to setting up virtual office (VO) business in honolulu, HI.
I wanted to know if there is any legal issues I should be aware of.
Most of the tenants will be from oversea (ie Japan, Korea)

At this VO I will like to offer 100 units per single address.
Main service provided will be:
1) Office address for business.
2) Mail services. storing, forwarding, etc
3) Meeting area, and lounge space.
4) Phone and fax service.

I am interested in technical answer in the area of legal issue.

Raisa Romaelle, Esq. :

Hi thre

Raisa Romaelle, Esq. :

Id be happy to answer your question

Raisa Romaelle, Esq. :

Can you tell me what your concern is with regard to the business?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry for the late reply ;)
I would like to know the following:
1) is there any special license needed?
2) is there any limit to number of business to one address?
3) is there any legal issue I should be aware of?

Additional info:
I will not be handling any documentation of banking, business registers, and any other business related documents.
I will be storing clients mails, fax, postal items.
It is highly possible that I will be repackaging clients mails and postal items to send off seas.
yes, you need to make sure you have a general business license there is no limit to number of businesses, but you need to make sure all of them have signed agreements if they are to stay for any particular duration. You need to ensure that you comply with your zoning office in your area, and you need to make sure you carry insurance in the event of accidents or natural disasters. Make sure you get deposits from your clients and ensure you do background checks and credit checks on these people.
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