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I have established a new non-profit called Windsong and I am

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I have established a new non-profit called Windsong and I am in proces of filing the 501c3 through My question to you is; Can I start taking in donations from other non-profits eventhough I haven't had my 501c3 filing approved with the IRS. I have everything else in place but that; and, that is pending. I am in a rush because I need to shut down/dissolve one non-profit and transfer all its assets to this new non-profit.

Catherine R. Norris - Treasurer
Windsong Animal Sanctuary Foundation, Inc.
Penryn, CA 95663
Thank you for entrusting us with your important legal question.

The answer is two fold.

You asked if you can start taking in contributions from other non-profits before the IRS approves your 501c3 designation. The answer is yes, there is nothing to prevent you from receiving those contributions.

The question is whether the contribution would be tax deductible to the contributor. Normally speaking, the contributor would not be able to take a charitable contribution deduction until the IRS had approved your 501c3 designation.

However, you stated that your contributors are other non-profits. Therefore, the non-profit does not need to benefit from the deduction. You may be fine then taking in the contributions before your 501c3 is approved.

Good luck with this. Please press the green ACCEPT button. Thank you.
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