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If I have a new business concept, and am executing it very

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If I have a new business concept, and am executing it very well so far and want to patent the concept or process of it, is this possible? Also, if it is, how much would attorney fees for something like this be? I am executing in my home city but want to expand. However, one of my friends has noticed my recent success and wants to mimic it in another city. What can I do to stop him?

bizlaw :

Could you provide a general description of your concept and why it is unique? Are the things that make it special readily apparent from observing the business in operation?


its not even that unique to be honest. however, it doesn't seem like theres anything like it here and is picking up a lot of momentum. so here's how it works..


i attend the university of texas, and have picked up a marketing contract with a realtor in austin, texas. basically, 2-3 saturdays/month for the rest of the semester, we have a shuttle tour routed to take younger ut students around different apartment complexes in the campus area. the apt management companies are aware that we will be there and they tour the kids around the complexes when we get there. within a few hours, they've seen many popular apt complexes and the goal is to get them to sign through the realtor, and the apt management pays the realtor.


i have a separate agreement with the realtor, but anyways, its a very simple concept that has really taken off and we want to do it in other places. is it possible to patent something like this?

bizlaw :

This type of concept is not protectable as a patent or copyright. The key to it is to expand as quickly as possible. What you provide is a service that anyone can provide and for that reason it is not the kind of thing that can be patented. If you have a good name for your business you might try to trademark it so you will be distinguised from anyone else that tries to copy it.

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