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Newly formed trucking company LLC in New Jersey would like

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Newly formed trucking company LLC in New Jersey would like to know what licenses or permits required to purchase vehicles in and out of state for scrap salvage.


I am an expert at JustAnswer and will be assisting you. I would like to address a few important issues before answering your question.

Please note, nothing herein is intended as legal advice, no legal advice is being provided, no attorney-client relationship will be established and only general information is provided so that you may analyze your situation.

I see that you are asking if a business which buys vehicles for scrap or salvage needs a license. In the past, a license was required. That has now changed with NJSA 39:11-2 which ended the requirement to obtain a license from the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. For your records,
this can be verified at the following link:

A business establishing a scrap or salvage yard will need to contact the local city zoning authority to obtain a permit. The location will need to be properly zoned for that particular use.

Please feel free to follow-up. These detailed matters are difficult to address in this context
because of the vast number of variables. Sometimes the back and forth dialogue can help us
sort through those issues. My goal is leave you with a satisfactory response.

In sum, no license is required to purchase vehicles in or out of state. The issue is where the vehicles will be kept and sold which appears to be New Jersey and no license is required there for a scrap or salvage yard. Some other states may require a dealer's license if you plan to buy vehicle at auction in those states.

Please do not forget to accept the answer if the information provided has been satisfactory to this point. We can continue our dialogue with additional follow-up questions even after you press the accept button. Last and most importantly, please be so kind as to leave me positive feedback.

Thank you so much
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