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I have a new LLC & I will soon be hired to help people start

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I have a new LLC & I will soon be hired to help people start non-commercial blogs:

(1) Am I allowed to start it for them from scratch & give them their password XXXXX? Is an email notifying them to change their password XXXXX? I don't want to get blamed later for fooling with someone's accounts.

(2) I was planning to set up a few blogs as examples from blogger, tumblr, etc so my customers could see what features they liked from any of them. Am I allowed do this? What if I have various plugins (or wibiyia tool bar) written from different people on these blog examples, or if they are available through wordpress or something, would I be accused of selling their plugins, etc. I just want to sell the service of setting up & designing blogs for beginners, etc. How do I do this, execute & implement this service properly & legally?
1) yes, you are allowed to give them the option to start them from scratch themselves or you can start them for them and then give tell them they must change their password XXXXX even set your software to tell them when they log in after so many log ins under your password XXXXX they must change it to continue.

2) You are allowed to set up samples and give them the right to use the samples. The toolbars you have to be careful with in case they are copyrighted and you need permission of those who own the toolbars to use them on your site and same with the plug ins. You can make them available to them and inform them of which ones are free to use and which they need to pay for a license to use and that protects you from copyright violations.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Regarding (2) you said: "You can make them available to them and inform them of which ones are free to use and which they need to pay for a license to use and that protects you from copyright violations."

It just seems strange to make them pay a license for wibiyia bars, etc that I found free to use. This makes me wonder about something else. Am I allowed to feature plugins, widgets, wibiyia bars on my business blog? Do I have to get licenses or commercial subscriptions to every aspect of my blog/website...vector images, plugins, widgets,, wibiyia (if avail.)? What about feedburner or standard wordpress plugins (my website will be wordpress) the list can go on & on.
You have to read the terms of those licenses, I did not say you had to make them pay, I said that they need to determine which ones are pay for license and which are free to use. If you are using plug ins or whatever, you need to read their license terms to determine what they allow you to do with each one. Each one has a separate set of terms as to how you can use it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So is there a difference if I were to go & get a free plugin code & put it on my blog, then when I design a blog for someone else & they want me to put in that same plugin for them (that I got free--FREE TO ALL) do I have to notify the plugin owner/creator that I am about to get paid to insert the FREE TO ALL PLUGIN into my client's blog?
Again, some of these free programs prevent others from incorporating them into other programs that they are charging for. You have to read the license on each plug in to see if they prohibit the incorporation into any service that is being charged for. I cannot read each license for you regarding the terms of use of the freeware.
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