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I have been doing business with E-commerce Managemnet Group,

Customer Question

I have been doing business with E-commerce Managemnet Group, LLC. They set up e-commerce website that have affiliate web stores. They setup the website and I pay them to advertise it. the cost is $12k for the entire year. They guarentee 200K people will visit the webmall during the year and a others are offered the same deal, of which I would receive 105 of whatever they spend on advertising. They also set up an adsense account with Google to advertise on my website. I am supposed to get paid commisions as customers make purchases. My webmall was online on 6-1-11 and I still have not been paid any commision checks. Every time I call them they tell me I am due a check and I should receive in the next week or so. the problem is the check never comes and I keep getting the same story. So far I have not seen any thing they say to be the trueth. The last time I called I accused them of running a scam. they have not returned my phone call, which is not unusual for them. They don't seem to have anyone there that has a clue about anything except answering the phone and making sales. their phone number is XXXXX fax XXX-XXX-XXXX. Any further info about this company would be helpful. Are they legitamate or just another internet scammer?


Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Roger replied 6 years ago.

Hi - my name is Kirk and I'm a Business litigation attorney here to assist you.


The company is not listed as a business with the Better Business Bureau (, which is always a red flag. If the company is not listed by the BBB, it is either a small operation, hasn't been reported for good or bad activity, or is a scam.


I would recommend that you contact the consumer fraud office of your state's attorney general's office. If this company has been in trouble before in your state, or if there is a current investigation underway, they can tell you about it.


If you don't come up with anything here, the next thing to do is hire a local attorney to write the company, inform it that it is in breach of your agreement, and that you will sue if they don't remedy the breach.


If the company doesn't respond or comply, you will need to proceed with filing suit to get what you deserve.