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to whom it may concern, I have a rare case and im looking for

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to whom it may concern, I have a rare case and im looking for securities law advice so I thought that it may be in buisness law but I understand that this probly is not considerd as legal advice. anyway im awair that there is something called the securitie of the person. I understand that it is stock that is in your straw man's name and you own it but u do not own any shares. I have reason to beleave that the american people have securitie of the person and I know that the united nations say that you have the right to life,liberty, and the securitie of the person. so I want to become a share owner so I can collect dividens and I also want to have in my posetion my real birth certificet that they keep from me. hopefully all without giving up my s.s.#. is there such thing as with lawfull understanding or claim of right in this country? I want to find a winning lawyer that is in my pay range and is in my area so what is the best way to find them? what does the specialty of the lawyer have to be such as securities,security litigation,or securities compliance? is it possible to hire a lawyer to do the work as well as use a simple claim of right to show my heart without accusting the government of fraud,theft, or anything else even if I need to use a notery on the document as well? what is your over all oppinion of this subject and is this legaly attainable in this country even if I have to use soviergn rights? thanks for your time and i realy appreciate any accuret and honest answer. -chris

California Lawyer :

Hello, are you there?



I have bad news. What you have heard does not exist. It is absolute hogwash concocted by the sovereign citizen movement to try and explain how laws don't apply to them. There is no truth to it and courts always reject it as nonsense.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
dear sir. thanks for your advice. I realy apreciate it. I do reside in ohio but I assume that it is at the federal still curious because i actualy looked up a stock from the first three digets on my birth certificet. the site was and what does the broke united states of america finance itself with after they supposedly went bankrupt in 1933 if its not putting a price on there own people? anyway thanks for the advice. I wish you the best.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Other.
im sure that experts mean well. atleast I try to mean not sure who I can trust so I would like a secound opinion due to the subject matter.



I understand and if you wish to do so I encourage it. The theories you discuss are nonsense and have been debunked by the courts. Still, some people choose to believe that they are trusts for themselves, are not "persons" within the meaning of the law and all kinds of other sillyness.


It all goes nowhere.


Best of luck to you.