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Hi. I run a small business which consist of being a clown,

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Hi. I run a small business which consist of being a clown, providing all sorts of party needs, etc. I booked a party in which I charged them $300.00 for two hours. Due to the fact that they did not speak english, I hired a temp translater to assist me in booking the party. Usually I dont go to meet the individuals thats having the party in person, however I chose to do so this time inorder to have them sign the receipt and physically explain to them what the show will consist of due to Im not your traditional clown & receive payment due to they was NOT willing to pay online or over the phone using credit card. Their party was book from the hours of 4pm to 6pm in which we went over this in person and they signed the receipt and I left them with a copy. They had a translater of their own to help assist. Once the party date arrived, my set up guy showed up @ a quarter to 4pm to set up staging & lighting for the show that was to began at 4pm. They told him that he could not set up because all of their guest had not yet arrived and we needed to come back @ 5:30. Now... due to the fact that they party was initially from 4pm to 6pm, starting their 2 hour party @ 5:30 would not work out due to my next gig began @ 7pm. They argued with my set up guy and kept insisting that we do as they pleased. @ approxiamitely 4:45, they then told the set up guy to began to set up. He responded, I will do so but we still must leave @ 6 pm. They said NO you all will stay a full two hours. At this point. My set up guy said that we can charge you for one hour and stay one hour. Of course, they refused. They asked for their money back, in which giving their money back is not an issue, but I have a no cancellation policy, and when you cancel, I keep your deposit which is half of your party fee ($150.00). I mailed them there half back through certified mail. UPS attemtepted to deliver and left a note on their door, however, they claim none of this is true & yes I do have the tracking number, etc that proves this. Today, I gave them the tracking number so they can go and pick it up due to I have no time to keep playing this game w/them. I received a phone call from my translater this evening saying they are taking legal action because they did not receive a full refund and that they did not cancell. Now them not cancelling is true, however, they would not allow my set up guy to set up inorder for the show to take place, and when they finally decided to do so and he explained to them that they basically js lost out on there first hour they insisted we will stay a full two hours. Totally not caring that they booked there party from 4pm to 6pm. I cant accomodate an individual due to there guest is not yet arrived. I had other clients to attend to @ 7pm. P.S. Yes they was aware of receiving $150 back. Their party was on a saturday, it was explained to them that they will receive it certified mail and they called on sunday calling us robbers because it had not yet arrived through mail but unfortunately the mail man dont run on sunday and Im off on mondays, however I went to post office and sent it to them first thing tuesday morning July 26,2011. What do i need to do?

Good morning. You don't need to do anything. You have done everything exactly as you should and these clients are totally in the wrong. At this stage, you need to just tell them to sue you if they want. You can never prevent someone from suing you, but they have no chance of prevailing in this. This will be in small claims won't need a lawyer....and you will each tell your story.....yours is a legally valid one; there's is not. I would not waste any more time trying to placate those that can't be placated.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Awesome! Thank you. Ive been up all night waiting on a responce of some sort. Its extremely rediculous. Thank you & if i should have any further questions or concerns will i be able to converse with you?
You're welcome. Yes, if any questions arise, just direct your question to me and I will be happy to help you. Have a great day!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Awesome & likewise.
Thank you! And, thanks so much for the bonus! I appreciate your generosity!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Your welcome.