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Last, but not least, may you choose one of the following, just

This answer was rated:

Last, but not least, may you choose one of the following,

just one choice by mentioning its number, please:

1. " LifeTimeCustomer Approval of Merchant's Processes Membership " .

2. " LifeTimeCustomer Approves of Merchant's Processes Membership " .

3. " LifeTimeCustomer Approving of Merchant's Processes Membership " .

4. " LifeTimeCustomer Approvals of Merchant's Processes Membership " .

Kindly, reply to me with one number e.g. -1- .

Thanks to be for people like you!
Thank you for the post, I am happy to assist you by answering your questions. Number 2 would be the best worded.
MShore Law and other Business Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
2. " LifeTimeCustomerreg; Approves of Merchant's Processes Membership " .

1# " Approves ", ain't a verb that refers to " LifeTimeCustomerreg; ", the subject ?

I mean, should it be a noun like, " Approval " specially when it is finally followed by a name like, " Membership " at the end of the sentence ?

2# " Approves ", if it is a plural noun, do you use plural, because of those 1.2.3.. facts I mentioned to be approved in the previous question as follows:

Security >> Trustfulness
Acceptance >> Marketability
Resolvability >> Merchantability

I hope that you can remember the previous question..

3# XXXXX is your choice still number 2 regardless of the comments ?

4# XXXXX so, may you leave an explanation ? why " Approves " ?

Thanks to be upon people like you, sir.

Good afternoon,I still think approves would be the best working because it conveys the message thatCustomeris a entity which evaluates such services to determine security, merchantability, etc. Please let me know if you need further guidance.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
2. " LifeTimeCustomerreg; Approves of Merchant's Processes Membership " .

OK. may u, please refer to the following link:

it explains approves as a verb while i will use it among names as in the above quoted sentence of number 2 what suggests that " Merchant's Processes Membership " is an object of the verb approves what suggests that there is something apart that's called " LifeTimeCustomerreg; ", so there would be two separate services: a membership and what approves of its merchant's processes where i offer only one product/service , so i really wounder what you advise. If approves ain't a noun, it must be a common American slang.
I really believe in the powers of slangs specially when use them in branding and/or co-branding and that's what i feel towards your suggestion. Pardon me if I'm mistaken, but i really needs all possible feelings to be upon that trade.
You may know that brands are a matter of ah oh eh ah yea etc in the first stage..
Now, all of that part is linguistic.
Technically, that linguistic wording can be such a great pleasure over the trademark giving it extra marketability.

OK. That sounds fine and great.

Legally, will the entity be in need to be a CA,
Certification Authority e.g. COMODO SSL providers ?

I am sure it won't, because it verifies different layers of the business..

Mr. MShore, i really hope you leave a comment on that..

Best wishes be upon specialists like you, dear friend..

Good afternoon, I am having a bit of difficulty understanding your last post. Can you clarify exactly what you would like to know?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I mean is the following grammatically correct:

2. " LifeTimeCustomerreg; Approves of Merchant's Processes Membership " .

, because I'm reluctant to use " approves " which is a verb among nouns ?

Ain't a verb !?

If that's grammatically possible, please tell me..

Thank u buddy!
Yes, it is grammatically correct.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank u very much sir. Seriously, I thank u.

You may watch it @ the page bottom of [ ]

Also, I made a seal / stamp that you may watch @ the top-right corner of [ ]

I suggested an abbreviation for the seal / stamp which is " SOA ", Seal of Approves.

I would be so grateful, if you leave a comment on that " SOA ", sir.

As an English teacher, I add new definitions from time to time to [ ] .

So, if you visit [ ] , what do you suggest:

1. " SOA ", Seal of Approves, that's suggested before and can be added..
2. Some different abbreviation on their list or not on theirs..

I really feel so impassioned to hear your comments, buddy!

I do not understand your last post, please clarify your question. Thank you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Nice to write to you again Mr. DCrane Esq,

Now, last time you chosed the following:

2. " LifeTimeCustomerreg; Approves of Merchant's Processes Membership " .

Can I ,in addition to number 2, introduce Customerreg; in general for my clients as:

A>> SOA , " Service of Approves " .


B>> SOA , " Service of Approvals " .

My pleasure to hear from you again..