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I was set ip in a sting operaton in california for for acting

Customer Question

I was set ip in a sting operaton in california for for acting as a contractor without a license. I was handcuffed and remained handcuffed for nearly 30 minutes while they interogated me. The problem is I am an officer of a corporation that does have a valid contractors license with workers comp and general liability insurance and all the other requirements to do business in the state. I would like to sue them on any grounds possible. I was treated like Chester the molester and I am really pissed off.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  JBaxLaw replied 6 years ago.

I am an expert at JustAnswer and will be assisting you. Please remember that I receive no credit for assisting you unless you accept my response. You cannot accept when I make an inquiry, rather you can only do so after you have received an answer. I answer questions based on the amount offered and rely on customers to follow through and "accept." Please remember that this is a chat or a dialogue so please reply to me if you have any questions regarding the information I provide.

It appears that the employees who arrested you failed to research you prior to the arrest despite luring you in for the arrest. Based on the information you have provided, the state had ample time to research whether you were an officer of the licensed company prior to your arrest. The most apparent recourse will be to address the apparent failure to properly look into this matter prior to your arrest.

I would suggest using public information requests which is simply a written request to the state agency responsible to determine the name and position of the persons involved in the arrest along with an records of your detention. You may also consider including a request for the policy followed in your arrest. For example, whether an investigation would normally be conducted prior to the sting operation where feasible. Here, your status as an officer of the company would have been easily found if the information had been sought.

I would suggest that you begin your process of seeking recourse with seeking more information. After you have gathered information then consider seeking legal representation. You can take all of the documentation you have gathered to an attorney to look at a potential civil suit. Essentially, you will then be able to determine if the your detention was proper given the information available to the state at the time.

Thank you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I was not arrested. Just treated like a thug..... If they had questions about my status a phone call would have been a lot easier.
Expert:  JBaxLaw replied 6 years ago.
I agree. You were physically detained in handcuffs it appears so you were arrested in that you were not free to leave. You were not "officially" booked and arrested, but your detention would be considered a seizure of your person.

Thank you