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MY rental car was damaged at the headlight by an incident. I

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MY rental car was damaged at the headlight by an incident.

I only took liability + personal accident insurance but declined the CDW (collission damage waiver) . The reason is that I rented a car using citi mtv u visa card and I thought that would cover the CDW insurance.

I returned the car to eneterprise . Can you please help mw understand the process and whether citi visa will pay for that?

Is tehre any case where citi wil not pay and any precautions taht I can take to make this any less painful....

In what cases do we need an FIR...

Enterprise guy asked for claim number.... WIll tat be o if I just provid ethsi one or will enperprise and citi make this complicated....

Please help
Thank you for your question and welcome to Just Answer.

To my knowledge, Citi should take care of it without much of a problem. You need to call Citi and open a claim with them. Once they assign a claim number, you can give it to Enterprise.

After that, you really shouldn't hear another peep about it.

I will be happy to follow up with you if you have additional questions. In the meantime, please click ACCEPT so that I can get credit for answering your question. Of course, if you really liked what I could help you with, please consider a Bonus, too!

Also, please keep in mind I want you to be satisfied. Please continue to follow up with me if you need more clarification.


Nathan Moore
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Is there a difference between hitting a property and hitting another car.... Do wee need FIR in either cases

No. And, there is no difference.
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