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I am just starting in modeling. I want to come up with a form/disclosure

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I am just starting in modeling. I want to come up with a form/disclosure type of thing for photographers to sign so that they cannot edit my photos any way they please and make tons of money. I am also wanting to put a disclosure or something on my website so that people cannot save the images and sell/edit/etc.
First, the modeling contract, this is a clause that would be in each modeling contract you sign and it would state that the model does not authorize the photographer to enhance or modify any images of you without your express written consent and that you reserve the rights to control the use of the images outside of the specific purpose of the original contract (meaning if you are shooting for a newspaper ad for example, they can use them for that but nothing else). You also put in your contract a clause that states the photographer does not have the right to display or use your images in any manner without your express written permission (but you are going to find many photographers will refuse to work with you because of this because they want to retain the copyrights on the photographs they take, but this is your choice).

As far as your website, all you need to put on the site is a notice that all images are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose without your express written consent. Also, speak to your web designer because they can embed codes in your site that prohibit anyone from actually copying the images from your site or downloading them.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I do not have a website yet but I use a "social networking" site called Model Mayhem. I want to put a notice on that because I have pictures on there. So should I just add it in my "About Me" section and put these exact words: "NOTICE: All images are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose without written consent of myself." How exactly should I word it? Also as for the modeling contract, since I am just getting started out I do photo shoots with photographers on a TF (time for) basis. Meaning I do not pay them, they do not pay me, and we each get copies. How would I make a contract or whatever for myself so that when I do photoshoots like this they cannot send my images into a big company and make abunch of money? I guess what I am asking is for a template for both the "modeling contract" and the disclosure for my images on websites.
Yes, this would be an acceptable wording for your site to put everyone on notice that they cannot copy or use your images.

The contract would have to specifically state that they cannot use the images or send them off without your express written consent, but if it is time for basis, then the reason they are agreeing to that is to be able to market your photos, so you would have to require them to get your written permission before they do so. As far as writing the agreement, this site considers that the practice of law and as such that is against the policy of this site for us to provide you the actual contract or write the actual wording for you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
OKay since you cannot actually do the writing for me is there a couple templates you can direct me to? Or how do I go about getting a contract like that?
This is a sample model-photographer contract, but you would have to change the wording regarding the rights to the photographs, since the wording in this contract specifies the photographer retains the rights (which is the common type of contract).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Who else could I go to? Would an actual attorney write this up for me? That way it is specific to me?
Yes, in order to get a contract written specific to your situation and what you want to accomplish you would need a local attorney to write the contractual agreement based on your sitting down with him and explaining your specific goals and objectives.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
okay thank you so much!!!
Thank you. Please do not forget to click accept.
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