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The weighted mean is a special case of the A. Mode B.

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The weighted mean is a special case of the:
A. Mode
B. Mean
C. Median
D. Geometric mean

I thought I had answered this one. The weighted mean is a special case of the mean. The answer is B.


thanks for your accept.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
16) A discrete variable is
A. Can assume only certain clearly separated values
B. An example of a qualitative variable.
C. Can assume only whole number values.
D. Cannot be negative.
17) A nominal scale variable is
A. May assume negative values.
B. Usually the result of counting something.
C. Has a meaningful zero point.
D. Cannot have more than two categories.
18) Which of the following statements is true regarding a population?
A. It must be a large number of values.
B. It must refer to people.
C. It is a collection of individuals, objects, or measurements.
D. None of these


B; and



These are the answers to the questions, respectively


Your accept would be appreciated. Thanks

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