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I have a pending appeal and I am pro se. The Defendants lawyer

Customer Question

I have a pending appeal and I am pro se. The Defendants lawyer keeps acting like a moron to put it frankly by lying on behalf of the Defendants, showing total disregard for the Rules of Professinal Conduct, and testifiying to information that is not even in discovery. When I filed my Appeal I tried to be as professinal as possible and basicly said that the other lawyer keeps bracking the rules, citing in the transcripts he lied and then citing the depositions of his clients showing he did lie, citing my deposition of him yelling at me on the record ,making the arguement that (and not in these terms, alot more thought out and professinal) "hey this guy is acting like a moron and my case is being prejudiced because hes keeps testifying and putting lies onto the record and breaking the rules" He replyied crying that he wants my appeal dismissed because of my "dispariging remarks and my attack on council" what should I reply? any good cases justifying this? I used Harris v. the United States in the begining. I think that hes just crying beause i called him out, i just wanna make sure that I reply right.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Richard - Bizlaw replied 6 years ago.
The things that the attorney is saying, what relevance do they have to the basis of your appeal? Just because the lawyer says something in argument does not mean it is the basis of the decision below. The issue is did the court rely on something claimed to be in the record that was not.