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OK I wanted to start an ecommerce website from my home in california,

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OK I wanted to start an ecommerce website from my home in california, but I was wondering that since I produce my own goods and sell them online, I do not need to buy things wholesale so I was wondering if I still need a business license? Also what other licenses would I need? I am doing this from my home. Also I was wondering if I incorporated the business if there is any way of hiding my name on the secretary of state website. The reason is because I have numerous people contacting me for inquiries for contracts instead of actual business.
Your city may require a business license, whether or not you obtain a reseller certificate. However, if you are selling goods in California, then you are obligated to collect sales tax from California purchasers, even if you may not be obligated to collect from buyers in other jurisdictions -- which means that you will need a reseller certificate.

Re incorporating, you do not have to identify either your real address or your name in the filing. You can use a separate business location, such as a "virtual office," and you can have a registered agent corporation act as your agent for service of process.

Obviously, these efforts to conceal your identity have associated costs -- but, that's business, and there's no way around the extra costs, if you want some anonymity.

Hope this helps.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok so if i sell something online for 29.99 can I make it so there is a value added tax in California? Also how do I pay california there money?
You would simply add the sales tax applicable to your county/city in California.

As far as obtaining a resale certificate, go to the State Board of Equalization website, and you can find the application form. See this link.

I would link you to the exact location, but the BOE website is not responding at the moment, so the best I can do is give you the home page.

Best of luck.

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