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How can I uniquely identify the human being or beings who own specific businesses visible

Customer Question

How can I uniquely identify the human being or beings who own specific businesses visible to the public in North Carolina? I will be satisified if the answer allows me to find home address, age and current contact information. I will be unsatisfied if I can only find a legal structure without the 'root' people, or with ambiguous or missing information. I will be unsatisified if I am supplied with an answer that tells me to buy this information from someone purporting to be able to supply it. I will be unsatisified if the answer does not meet the spirit of what I am looking for, or if the answer is: cannot be done within the bounds of the question.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  California Lawyer replied 6 years ago.

California Lawyer :

HEllo, are you there?

Expert:  California Lawyer replied 6 years ago.



I am not sure exactly what you are looking for, but depending on the business structure, most of this information is available through your state's secretary of state office. In addition, you can try a public records search down at the county clerk/recorders office. Some clerk/recorders offices have this online, other you have to appear at the counter to search business records, but in the end all of this is public information.


I hope this is acceptable.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for these 4 sentences; as you may or may not know, our Secretary of State's office (NC) has records online and I believe they sometimes identify the owner, sometimes they identify a lawyer or other representative; not sure they ever give anything but a name...They do not have unique identifying information when they do have a name. I have been there.

I am heartened to find out that all of this is public information; I have not been to the county recorder's office for years & at the time my memory is that the information was similar to what I more recently found at the SOC site...

My hunch is that this information may not be as public as one first thinks; e.g. the dead end with the SOC office, or with names like XXXXX XXXXX. You mention that this information is public information, as well as not talking about NC... would you agree that this information is public in, say, Nevada?

So far, I don't consider this an answer.

Expert:  California Lawyer replied 6 years ago.



THe point of my answer is that there is not a magic source of who owns what. The secretary of state and your county recorder maintain business records which contain the minimally required information about who owns a business. For a corporation that is the primary address and agent for service of process. For sole proprietorships the local government will maintain business license records. In addition, DBA individuals must (in most jurisdictions) must advertise the license.


Additional sources are county deed records which will tell you who owns particular businesses.


What the SOS office is not going to give you is an exhaustive list of everyone involved with the (a) business. Often this sort of information takes considerable time to uncover depending on the type of business and how deep you want to go.



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