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I live in the state of Kansas and work as a travel agent. I

Resolved Question:

I live in the state of Kansas and work as a travel agent. I am looking to incorporate my business and found a lot of sites on the Internet offering incorporation services. A lot of them point to Wyoming as a beneficial place to incorporate. These sites are good at telling the advantages of Wyoming Corporation. What would be the disadvantages to incorporating in Wyoming?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Thomas McJD replied 6 years ago.

Hello, I will be happy to assist you. After you receive your answer, please let me know if you need clarification. If not, your accept would be appreciated (and is necessary to compensate me as an expert, even if you are a monthly subscriber - although monthly subscribers will not be charged an additional fee).


If you incorporate in Wyoming but conduct your business in Kansas, you will also need to register the corporation with Kansas and pay the annual fee (around $55):


In addition, you will have to pay taxes to Kansas for the income made there, whether your corporation is initiated in another state or not:


Thus, you end up paying annual fees to Wyoming in addition to the fees you'll have to pay in Kansas and the protections afforded by Wyoming are very likely not much more than a Kansas corporation, if any.


I believe I have answered your question. As noted above, please let me know if you need clarification, and if not your accept would be appreciated. Additionally, if you post a new question for me in another thread, please begin the question with "To TMcJD...." This will ensure that only I answer the question.




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