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insurance question

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<p> I recently updated my email address with the dept of insurance. However I wanted to understand the interpretation below. I updated my email address b/c I am now using a different email address for business however my "old" email address which I called in to change is still active for the time being. If I had of had an oversight and not changed my email address inside the 10 day window "but my old email address was still active" would that been a violation? In other words my old email address the dept had on file for me was active and is still active but it will be NOT active soon which is why I called in the change to be 100% compliant. HOWEVER hypothetically speaking if I had not done that inside the 10 day window of my new business email address and they still  had my old email address on file and it WAS ACTIVE would this be a violation?</p><p> Thanks see statue below.</p><p> </p><p>Per N.C.G.S. §58-2-69(b) - Every licensee shall give written notification to the Commissioner of any change of the licensee's residential or e-mail address within 10 business days after the licensee moves into the licensee's new residence or obtains a different e-mail address. A violation of this subsection shall pay an administrative fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) to the Commissioner.</p>

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be happy to answer your questions today.

If the old email address was still active, and you were still able to access it, you could argue that it was not a violation, because your email address had not "changed" - you simply had decided that you wanted two addresses. The statute does not require that you report every single email address that you have. This is one of those things where you can argue the letter of the law - they want to know that they can contact you, but they don't need every possible means of doing so.

To be perfectly honest, the only way they could possibly enforce this statute is when an email sent to a licensee bounces, which won't happen if your account is still active.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So now that I have given them the new email address .....and it's active there is nothing to worry about?

As long as my email address is active I'm ok?
You should be fine, unless it changes again. And now that you know that you have 10 days, you shouldn't have any problems even if it does change again.
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