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Regarding the law against spam in Israel - 1. Does the law

Customer Question

Regarding the law against spam in Israel:-

1. Does the law cover emails, faxes, letters sent by way of the post office, telephone calls
offering services?
2. I have been told that I can legally send 1 email to each of the people on a list. Is this
correct and if so are there any provisos?
3 Am I legally allowed to send out letters by post office offering my services - I have
been told that the law does not apply to advertising letters sent by regular post.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 6 years ago.
The law is posted at

The anti spam law does not apply to regular mail.

The Amendment imposes certain limitations and prohibitions on an "Advertiser" that delivers "Commercial Material" to the public via:
automated phone message
which states:

2. Formal requirement regarding the Commercial Material

Any Commercial Material must carry the following notices:

The header of the Commercial Material must contain the word "Advertisement". In case the Commercial Material is distributed as an e-mail, the subject line of the e-mail message must contain the word "Advertisement".
Advertiser's detailed address and contact details.
A statement regarding addressee's right to notify Advertiser about his or her refusal to receive any Commercial Material in the future and an explanation how to exercise such right or refusal.
In case of a short Commercial Material, the Advertiser needs only to include his or her name and contact details for sending a refusal message.

I hope this information is helpful.