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Category: Business Law
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Experience:  23 Years business & securities law, NY and FL bars. SEC all states.
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I have just incorporated what will be an online business (e-commerce

Resolved Question:

I have just incorporated what will be an online business (e-commerce website). I incorporated in Mississippi. I need the best advice about how I should proceed with the "registration of securities offerings or of securities professionals." I plan to sell shares of stock to investors. I authorized 1,000,000 shares of common stock. I am currently the only stockholder (automatically through my capital contribution or services rendered to the business.) How do I proceed so that I am in compliance with Mississippi security laws and so that selling shares is easy when the times comes. Please give me step by step instructions and requirements. Friendly advice is welcomed also.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  FLCORPLAWYER replied 6 years ago.


OK here's some friendly advice. Hire a securities attorney. What you are trying to do is offer shares to the public in an unregistered offering which you subsequently want to become trading on an exchange "so that selling shares is easy when the time comes." You must either register the stock with the SEC or follow the rules and regulations for making an "exempt offering" on the stock under one of the many exemptions available to you. You must also "blue sky" the stock in Miss and any other state where you intend to offer it for sale. The regulations that you are dealing with are contained in a set of books in the average securities lawyer's office that has about (no kidding) 300 volumes to it. The step by step instructions would take me two hours to type. Start by typing the following terms into your search engine: "Blue Sky Law" "Regulation D" "Rule 504, 505, 506", "Form D", "SB-1 Registration", "SB-2 Registration", "Form 10". "EDGAR System".


Thank you. I have a clearer understanding of the process and possibilities now.

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