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my parents had a fire the adjuster wanted a contractors estimate,for

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my parents had a fire the adjuster wanted a contractors estimate,for the work to be preformed and the time. the estimate for time was 30-60 days. the job took 60 days ,w/Christmas and new years Holidays within the adjuster from the begining kept insisting it should only take 2 weeks, I told her that was impossibe she paid 2 weeks then 2 more after her own reinspection of carpet and paint,which initially she only wanted to clean smoke, then on walls, authorized paint of all interior,so, some delay,she refuses to pay the balance of time my parents were out of home at hotel. they had nowhere to go while the paint and strong fumes and not to mention everything in home was packed out. we think the insurance company should step up and reimburse my parents.
I do not think you should sue for the additional amounts. The insurance company has the right to introduce the decision of the dept of insurance at the trial. They made a good faith decision as to how long the repairs should have taken which is based on the length of time it took to paint in the thousands of other claims that they have settled. I'm afraid you will spend the money on the filing fee and service of process and lose anyway.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the length of time was not just for paint. cabinets needed to be replaced ,flooring,everything within home cleaned and brought back, the adjuster spoke to contractor on time frame, it just took as long as estimated,no longer.I could see if it took 4 or 5 months, we were in the estimated time frame she initially accepted.
Have you check the actual policy documents? There may be a limitation on either the number of days they pay or the total amount they pay for hotels during a claim. If there is not, then any judge is going to rule on the basis of what is "reasonable".
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